Encora is now officially dead. Now what?

Posted by: Zagon__ | Posted: January 9, 2021 @ 9:07 pm

Encora is now officially dead. So, now what?

We knew this was going to happen, so we did something about it.
The team made had a few ideas to make sure no data is lost.

Recording viewer, an online app to view Encora's CSV file.
Originally coded by 7hoursbehind as a simple, yet effective solution, Encora Recording Viewer is a web app that displays Encora's CSV database in a easy to understand website with a basic search function.
A good alternative to the EDS site, with master names and MediaInfo data.

Totally Theater Trading, a Discord server dedicated to bootleg trading.
Created by Andie and Sass (creator of Sassy guide), Totally Theater Trading is a Discord server for musical fans. You can trade and gifts bootlegs with other people easy with easy to use channels and stablished rules. You can even find some popular masters there!
Not the same as trading through Encora, but still an easy way than just mailing people.
You need to have a list to be verified and access the entire server.

Hope this few tools will help the community!
Happy trading!

The Encora Data Scraping project (EDS)

Source: A Discord server | Posted: November 28 2020 @ 12:00 pm

Since 2017, Encora has served as a database to help document the entirety of the theatre ecosystem. After 3 long years and tens of thousands of user submissions, the site is finally coming to a close.

Encora was a place for theater fans to meet, to trade, to contribute to the ever-growing database, and to document their own collections. Theatre fans from across the globe formed friendships to last a lifetime.

So much has changed since Switch Sanitize first created the site. The database was a milestone that successfully documented massive amounts of information. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. So as one chapter of the Encora experiment closes, another opens. We are proud to present—

The Encora archiving project! The original site, is set to shut down at the end of 2020. That means that the entire site, including information on shows, masters and more, will be lost. We don't want that to happen. That's why a small team was formed to try to archive the entire website before it is too late.

This site is not perfect tho. It lacks some functions that the original site has, like a search function, messages, accounts and a trading system. But, it can be perfectly used as a reference page for everyone that is researching theater performances.

You can find the source code here to use as an offline copy of the site or to add/edit data from the site.

Quick links

Users - (not backed up, sorry :c)


Tours - (directory only)

Performances - (directory only)


Recording viewer - A quick way to view Encora's database in your web browser .